Family support - Germany

Family allowance in Germany

Who can apply for family allowance?

Family allowance in Germany

This form of financial assistance is provided by the German Family Fund of the national employment agency. The benefits are designed to help individuals working in Germany with raising children (supporting their development and education). The specialized team of our company ensures professional service in applying for family allowance in Germany. We guarantee effectiveness and compliance with the latest legal regulations.

Child allowance - Kindergeld - Who can apply?

You can apply for family allowance in Germany if:

  • You are raising children and working in Germany (employed under German conditions / running your own business / working seasonally)*
  • The child is under 18 years old or up to 25 years old (if studying) - until they start working. In the case of a recognized disability of the child, certain conditions apply, without time limits.
  • You have worked in Germany for at least 6 months (183 days)
  • In the calendar year, income from Germany constitutes 90% of all income
  • Other sources of income outside Germany do not exceed the permissible amount for the given year

*even if you pay social security contributions in Poland. To obtain family allowance in Germany, you do not need to be insured there. Benefits can be obtained for the last 6 months from the date of application.

Kindergeld Germany - What do you need to know?

Child allowance Kindergeld is paid regardless of the parent's income, but depending on the number of offspring. Since July 2019, the family allowance in Germany is:

  • For the first and second child - €204 each
  • For the third child - €210
  • For each subsequent child (from the fourth) - €235 each

Keep in mind that the amount of the allowance may change - a Kindergeld increase is planned from 2021. Our company will familiarize you with all the latest guidelines. We will also ensure the collection of all necessary documents to submit the application to the Familienkasse. Kindergeld for a child in Poland - can be paid if at least one parent works in Germany. Child allowance Kindergeld can also be paid to a child's guardian in Poland when both parents work in Germany (subject to specific requirements). If you are already receiving benefits in Poland, the difference is deducted from Kindergeld.

Family allowance in Germany - Due to childbirth (Elterngeld):

This allowance can be obtained if, before the child's birth, the parent or parents work or worked in this country. Benefits are paid for 12 - 14 months (depending on whether one or both parents apply). The application must be submitted within 3 months after the child's birth. Strict regulations govern the allocation of the allowance:

  • Taxed parental income must not exceed a total of €500,000, or €250,000 for a single person
  • The amount of the allowance depends on the parent's income and place of residence (€300 for a parent living in Poland, up to €1800 in Germany)
  • Under certain conditions, an additional allowance (Geschwisterbonus) is possible

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our services. In case of any questions or doubts, we are at your disposal.