Tax settlements

Tax settlements from abroad

Settlement and tax refund from abroad

Our company's extensive experience ensures that we provide meticulous service to clients who, due to work abroad, are seeking professionals in the field of tax settlements and refunds. We tailor our services to individual needs and guarantee a comprehensive range of assistance.

In our offer, you will find, among other things:

  • Tax settlements from Germany in Poland (including Gewerbe tax settlement) / Tax refund from Germany
  • Tax settlements from the Netherlands in Poland / Tax refund from the Netherlands
  • Tax settlements from Austria in Poland / Tax refund from Austria
  • Tax settlements from Belgium in Poland / Tax refund from Belgium
  • Tax settlements from Sweden in Poland / Tax refund from Sweden
  • Tax settlements from France in Poland / Tax refund from France
  • Tax settlements from Spain in Poland / Tax refund from Spain

Tax settlement from Germany in Poland

Our company will ensure the timely submission of tax declarations and compliance with current tax settlement regulations. We will handle all formalities related to tax refunds from Germany. This applies to both individuals who worked there independently and those seconded from Polish companies or directly employed by German enterprises.

Gewerbe - Annual settlement in Poland

When running your own business in Germany, you have to deal with Gewerbe settlement. How can you do this? We can help with that! Keep in mind that this settlement applies not only to large enterprises but also to individuals - self-employed individuals (these could include, among others, caregivers for the elderly, construction professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and other artisans). With our comprehensive service, Gewerbe settlement in Poland will no longer be a problem, and any potential misunderstandings with the German tax authorities will be resolved.

Legally, professionally, timely

Our company operates in accordance with the applicable tax laws. We provide comprehensive service along with managing Polish bookkeeping. We uphold deadlines for settlements and enable direct client communication with foreign institutions.

A legally employed worker in a given country can apply for tax refunds (regardless of how long they worked and what income they earn in Poland). However, each country sets a different maximum period for obtaining funds, which should be taken into account when planning cooperation with our company:

  • Tax settlement from the Netherlands - 5 years
  • Tax settlement from Belgium - 3 years
  • Tax settlement from Austria - 5 years
  • Tax settlement from Germany - 4 years
  • Tax settlement from Sweden - 1 year
  • Tax settlement from Spain - 4 years
  • Tax settlement from France - 1 year

It's worth noting that the deadline for tax settlement from Germany is July 31st, and from the Netherlands is June 30th.

We warmly invite you to use our services.