Family support - Belgium

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Family support in Belgium

Kinderbijslag - also known as family support in Belgium - is granted to parents working in the country. Individuals raising children and supporting them can receive state assistance to contribute to their development and education. Such benefits can provide significant support and ensure a suitable quality of life for their children. Our company will assist you in handling all necessary formalities related to submitting the correct applications to Belgian authorities, keeping up with the latest regulatory changes.

Family Support Belgium - Who is eligible?

Individuals eligible for this type of financial support are those who:

  • Have been employed (based on an employment contract) by a Belgian employer
  • Have been employed (based on an employment contract) by a Polish employer, but social security contributions are paid in Belgium
  • Run their own business in Belgium
  • Are entitled to receive social benefits in Belgium (such as sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, or disability benefits)
  • Engage in entrepreneurial activity outside Belgium, but social security contributions are paid to the Belgian social insurance fund

Family Support in Belgium - Who is not eligible?

Family support in Belgium is not granted to:

  • Seasonal workers
  • Individuals delegated to work in Belgium by a Polish employer when social security contributions and taxes are paid in Poland

Details regarding family support

Family support in Belgium can be claimed for up to 5 years retroactively. Parents, legal guardians, and family members living under the same roof with the child (even if the child lives in Poland) can apply for this form of assistance.

Family support is granted for a child until they reach:

  • 18 years old, or 25 years old if pursuing education (or if their income is below 520 euros)
  • 21 years old if the child is disabled

Belgian authorities continuously monitor the family's situation, so any changes in material or legal circumstances should be reported to avoid complications and unwanted consequences.

Family support Belgium - Amount:

Slight differences in the amount of the benefit can be observed between the Brussels, Walloon, and Flanders regions. For the first two regions in 2019, the rates were:

  • 1 child: 95.80 euros
  • 2 children: 177.27 euros
  • Each additional child: 264.67 euros

These rates apply to children born up to and including 2019. Changes were planned for 2020, including raising the base amount to 150 euros and limiting the income criteria for additional benefits. Changes were to be implemented gradually. As mentioned earlier, family support in Belgium may vary depending on the specific area, so our professional team will help address your doubts and provide precise, individually tailored information for each client.

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